The “Julie Plec Resemblence”

As I am a great fan of The Vampire Diaries for the story, the suspense, the directions. Well no series can replace TVD. But as Julie Plec directed the new series of twisted comic of Archie. The school hot boy archie and all girls of school are falling for him. There’s Betty and Veronica and Jughead. I have seen all episodes of TVD and remember each and every moment and dialogues of it.

So far I have seen 3 episodes of  “Riverdale” and 171 episodes of  “The Vampire Diaries”. And I found the ‘Julie Plec Resemblence‘ in it.

1. The Series starts with the side guy(who will later be lead guy) telling the story of his town.

2. It all starts with the tragic death.

3. The quite girl joins the cheerleader group of their school.

4. They have a football team of the school.

5. Two main guys of the show has a fight before and it start to loose up.

                  So, Far I analyzed this. Let see if I see anymore matches happen. Hope it not cause Julie Plec never make me down.


That Balmain

That Balmain

Balmain top
67,975 INR –

2,070 INR –

Sling sandals
2,005 INR –

Snakeskin print purse

Rebecca minkoff jewelry
9,710 INR –


Now, You will think why the date? Well It’s Children’s Day. And I’m not anymore in the condition to call as a child. People say I’m an adult now. But trust me I don’t want to.

Anyhow! Now I work here as an Accountant. I joined here two weeks ago. So, I’m little bit new in here. Confused around what’s happening. It’s Finance NBFC Company. Now they handle shares and there one of the listed companies in BSE. So, they have strategies and plans. Like Fund Planning, Portfolio Managing etc etc.

As for me I am scared of shares. I kinda took a challenge to work here. Well while working here I can tell my scare of shares is going low. But this job make me confident about working as an accountant or auditor. But never in market of share. But this is also true when I’ll resign from here I’ll be pretty good in shares and fund planning.

See, You can tell I’m an adult now. 🙂

A false hope

Until last year I stayed home all the time and thought the world is good. Thinks like me or better than me. People around have the idea of there life clear. 

As now been seven months I’ve been interacting with people, taking with strangers, i see people have this false  hope on life. 

There was people who has a very little amount of money and they grew with tough situations. They made themselves differently to survive. But as they grew up start earnings there own life they got quite a handful to save more than previous. That is good for them. But when they are raising there kids they think there kid does not need to face the bad moments like them. But just to save from the toughest moments of kid the kids are facing a virtual life.

In that virtual life they think they are having a amazing . They’re parents are rich like Ambani. To keep the sour moments out they are in a top class  schools. 

But the parents doesn’t know what they making there’s own kid. What will happen when they will face the real world. It’s became so confusing and challenging they just can’t handle it and go for drugs and alcohol and smoke. And if nothing works suicide is just seem to be perfect . 

What will happen when they will face the real world.

So why make your own child life a rotting hell pretending and giving a false hope to your child. 

Parents beware!!😊

I wish someone told me……

When I was kid I never ever wanted to grow up. But I had seen other friends of me saying to be getting old and aged. Somehow I never had a fun idea about it. As the year passed I enjoy my days fully that whatever moment I am living I need to fill it with memories that I grew old and these will be my memories.
But my friends who have the idea of getting old now wish to be a kid again. 

Knowing the end of life

What happens when you know the end of your life. I did.

I always imagined that my life would be like a fairy, like everyone else. But as I grew up I figure it out that it’s not that simple. So I just satisfied myself with my three family members and me. Them my mother died. And it make me think how can a person dies when there is so much left. 

Then I thought about it and realized that I always make myself a hero of the world. But now I realized I am a supporting character and everyone else around me is a hero. As like my mom. So as following same step of my mother I’m going to die at the moment people will not needed me anymore. My job will be finished in the world. And I will be gone.

So, I know when and how will I die..